Are you a New England Based Non-Profit Organization that could use a little marketing help?

We created the Goodwerks project to provide worthy non-profits from around the region with services that can help them expand their marketing reach, drive fundraising efforts, create awareness and make a bigger difference.

These services could include but are not limited to:

- Web Design & Development

- Branding & Logo Identity

- Print & Publication Design

- Advertising & Awareness Campaigns

During the application period we will review each applicant and select an organization that we feel will benefit the most from our services and we can create a real impact.

- The Boldwerks Crew

The Details:

  • Boldwerks is awarding a pro-bono donation of graphic design, web development, marketing and/or creative consulting work to one nonprofit project.

  • We will select a nonprofit based on their mission and the impact our work will have. Our decision is final.

  • Any out-of-pocket expenses (printing, mailing, travel, etc.) must be covered by the nonprofit. Sorry, we can’t print your brochures for free!

  • Given the donated nature of this project we request the right to use the work in our portfolio and for promotional purposes.

  • If possible we wish to present to your Board about our company, the project, and the impact it will have on your mission. Our goal is to inform the Board about the project and introduce them to Boldwerks and our services.

  • Only applications from nonprofit organizations based in New England will be considered.

Past Goodwerks Recipients:

Goodwin Community Health
(formerly Avis Goodwin Community Health Center)
Branding & website project

Breast Cancer Foundation
Promotional print awareness campaign & new website design

Hildebrand Family Self-Help Center
Annual Report design & production management

Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra
Ongoing content creation & Public Relations

Con Tutti!
Website Design & Development

Make Big Change
Website Design & Development

Make Big Change
Sunscreen Dispenser Program & Print Collateral

Festival Design & Promotion

Impact Melanoma
Website Development and online tools

WSCA Portsmouth Community Radio
Website Design and Development, Venue Branding

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